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Who doesn't know the brown giants - probably the best-known of all bears? The Brown bear can be found on coats of arms as well as on flags. And even in the naming of large cities like Berlin or Bern it played an important role. In former times the relationship between bears and humans was dominated by a kind of timorous admiration. This changed with the invention of firearms, which made it possible to hunt for bears at a relativly low risk. From that times on the large bear was just an unpleasant and dangerous competitor one had to get rid of. This attitude towards bears is very common even up until now. Of course there is a certain danger coming from a large Brown bear, but under normal conditions bear attacks on humans are quite rare. Normally bears try to get out of humans' ways. Just if a certain attack distance is reached - mostly by man - there might be a bear attack. Such accidents are normally due to lack of knowledge about bears or simply thoughtlessness.
Brown bear

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